Kyrenia / Girne is a port city on the northern coast of the island of Cyprus, since 1974 part of the partially recognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  • Kyrenia is one of the most famous resorts in Northern Cyprus. In its surroundings there are excellent 5-star hotels, gorgeous sandy beaches and prestigious residential complexes.
    Kyrenia is a Greek name, Girne is a Turkish name.
    Wealthy people and wealthy retirees prefer to live or vacation in Kyrenia. The favorable climate, comfort and high service are reminiscent of famous European resorts such as Cannes or Nice.
    Gorgeous beaches, snow-white yachts, a cozy and clean promenade, many restaurants and cafes immerse you in a European atmosphere, seasoned in some places with the flavor of the East.

  • However, this does not mean that the city is immersed in the atmosphere of those over 40. Young people also love this city very much. There are many nightclubs here, where world famous music stars come. Various music festivals and parties are often held in Kyrenia.
    The city stretches in a long strip between the coast and the mountains. Because of this feature, all areas of Kyrenia are picturesque and attractive. The main road runs along the sea. It is the only place where public transport goes. All major entertainment and shopping are also located along this road.


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  • "Acapulco" Beach
    Not far from Kyrenia there is Acapulco Beach, which belongs to the five-star hotel of the same name. The use of sunbeds and umbrellas is free for hotel guests. Right by the beach there is a huge swimming pool with a variety of water slides. The beach itself is spacious, with pleasant fine sand and a gentle entrance to the sea. An ideal place for entertainment and stay with the whole family, including small children.
  • Turtle Beach "Alagadi"
    Alagadi Beach, also known as Turtle Beach, lives up to its name. This place is remarkable and unique in that it is here that turtles come to breed. Visiting the beach is free, the area here is very beautiful, you can admire the towering mountain peaks right from the beach. Alagadi is a fairly long and spacious beach, so there is enough space for everyone: both vacationers and turtles.
  • "Camelot" Beach
    The beach of the American University of Girne “Camelot” is located in the horseshoe-shaped bay and is simply ideal for families with small children and those who cannot swim well. There is a shallow entrance to the sea, the water is always calm due to the breakwaters located in the bay. You can entertain yourself with a variety of water sports and diving - tourists speak well of diving near the rocks. Lovers of a quiet and relaxing beach holiday can soak up the sun on comfortable sun loungers, have a delicious lunch or refresh yourself with soft drinks at the beach restaurant.
  • Beach "Escape"
    Escape Beach is a well-equipped beach. There are conditions for beach and active recreation, a good place for diving. It is sheltered from the sea by a small rocky island, popular with photographers. In the evenings there are discos. Relatively inexpensive - the cost of visiting is about 2.5 euros. There is a monument near the beach, right next to the highway.
    It is located 9 km west of Kyrenia, hence the second name – 5th mile.
  • "Mare-Monte" beach
    This is one of the most popular beaches in Kyrenia and is always crowded. If you are going to this beach, you should go early. It is 9 km from the center of Mare Monte. You can get to the beach by Alsancak minibuses and personal transport. Mare Monte beach is impressive with its golden sand and deep blue sea. Entrance to the beach is paid. The beach has amenities such as a restaurant, toilet or shower.
  • "Diana" Beach
    Diana Beach, located 6 km from the center, is one of the quiet beach options. It is quieter here as there is not much construction. Entrance to the beach is paid. But the fee is more affordable than on other beaches.
    This magnificent structure was erected on the ruins of a Crusader fortress by the Venetians in the 16th century. However, the fortress was first mentioned in the 12th century. Initially, the Byzantines built it to protect their territories during attacks by the Arabs. In its lifetime, it has seen a lot, it was destroyed several times, rebuilt and supplemented with new elements. Today it serves as a museum and simply a beautiful place where you can feel the atmosphere of the real Middle Ages, get a lot of impressions and plunge headlong into the history of the island.
  • Buffavento Castle
    Another pride of the Kyrenia Mountains is Buffavento Castle. Like many others, it was built in ancient times to defend the city from Arab raids. The castle is located at an altitude of 950 meters above sea level and is the most inaccessible fort in Cyprus.
    Unfortunately, it is poorly preserved, so there is little information about it. And various myths and legends around the ruins of Buffavento only fuel interest in it among tourists. The area around the castle is an excellent vantage point over the surrounding plain, the view from above is breathtaking.

  • Castle of St. Hilarion
    On the slopes of the Kyrenean ridge lies the majestic Castle of St. Hilarion. Initially, there was a small monastery in its place. Over time, the monastery was supplemented with a fortress and a palace. Noble kings lived in them, numerous battles and battles took place, and the destinies of people were decided.
    The castle consists of 3 levels and resembles a small city. From the top, at an altitude of 732 meters above sea level, magnificent landscapes open up for you. This is a very unusual and memorable attraction. A place that will remain in your memory for many years!
  • Church of the Archangel Michael
    One of the main symbols of the city, the Church of the Archangel Michael, is located to the west of the harbor and fortress of Kyrenia. This small shrine was built in 1860 and is the oldest church in the city. Later, a unique museum of ancient icons by local artists dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries was opened within its walls.
    Unfortunately, in the 90s, many icons were taken out and sold on the black market. But those that have been preserved help tourists become better acquainted with the history of this area. Among the most famous are the icon depicting St. Luke with a symbolic bull and the cutting off of the head of John the Baptist.
Girne American University
GAU has always had the goal of providing a high American standard of education in Northern Cyprus. It was organized by the American Educational Consortium, so the process of improvement and development of the university does not stop, providing Cypriot and international students with a high-quality education in comfortable conditions.

Final International University
Is a major provider of high quality educational programs throughout Turkey for almost 40 years, with more than 400 schools and colleges. Final International University with its academic programs has been accredited by the Council of Higher Education of Turkey (YÖK) and the Council for Planning, Accreditation and Coordination of Higher Education of Northern Cyprus (YÖDAK).

Cyprus Science University
Highly qualified teaching staff, modern classrooms and laboratories with the latest equipment for students. The university is accredited by YODAK, the Northern Cyprus Coordination Council for Higher Education Planning, Assessment and Accreditation, YOK, the Council of Higher Education of Turkey. University degrees are recognized by UK NARIC: UK National Recognition Information Centre.

University of Kyrenia
The University of Kyrenia has an equipped and developed infrastructure that allows it to provide high quality education and occupy the position of a leading educational institution providing a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. The university is part of Near East University, the largest university in Northern Cyprus.

Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design
It is a themed art university that is entirely dedicated to the fields of art, design and communications. ARUCAD's goal is to become one of the most respected universities in the field of art education, allowing students to continually improve their creative productivity. The university currently offers programs in three faculties and seven departments.


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